So. Many. Things. Are. Happening. So I decided to get into bed early, hide out, and look at pretty things.

I’ve been obsessively going over the final plans from the architect for our house, am in the midst of a couple fun blog projects coming soon, and put finishing touches on three styling project before a little summer break. on top of my biggest project of all – doing all of this with a very curious, active two-year old. I am exhausted, and happy. Happily exhausted?? I do know that accomplishing all of that while staying informed about the state of the country has only added anxiety. I’m like a junkie that can’t get enough – I watch the news, read the paper, check Twitter (I’m flipping between MSNBC, FOX and CNN as I write). Anyone else having trouble balancing life with CONSTANT breaking news in politics? I want to be informed, but the days I don’t have time to check social media or watch tv, I’m the least anxious. I can’t keep up! I starting to think happy people don’t watch the news. Ignorance is bliss.

While my head swirling with house ideas and why THE PRESIDENT IS LIVE TWEETING the Comey testimony, I rounded up some things I’ve had my eye on. Some things for the house, some things for moi . . . all things that take my mind to a happy place. Those black storage bowls, THAT makes me happy, AND they come in a pretty blush and grey, too. And I know I’m getting waaaaaaay ahead of myself, but I want to gift myself the fluted stoneware baking set for holiday entertaining. And while we may be divided about Trump, can we all agree the brass and blush clay pendant is necessary for any bathroom to make it perfect? Let’s come together over that. For the sake of our country. xo

stoneware baking dishes / soapstone planters / marbled vase / washed linen sheets / black nesting bowls / clay + brass pendant / diamond lariat necklace / natural elements finishes



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