Happy Friday! Is it just me, or is anyone else ready for all the incessant sale emails and FedEX drop offs to be over. I’m ready for every thing to be delivered, wrapped, shipped, and all there is left to do is watch holiday movies, drink, and sleep in for a couple of days (read cozy pajamas, glass of champagne, The Holiday, snow falling). With the scheduling of excavators looming and the big remodel push coming at the beginning of the year, I have half a mind to flee!

Have you ever just needed a change of scenery for a couple of days. I think it’s good for the mind. There’s something about escaping for a minute that allows you to reset, and at this point, I’m up for anything. We’ve thrown around Aspen because it’s just a few hours from Denver. During the winter, there’s just no better place to go and hide than the mountains. That place practically begs you to get cozy. All I want to do is find a hole-in-the-wall bar up there, order a festive drink, listen to some good live music, and walk home in the snow. Take me there now.

While I was searching for boutique hotels, I came across this gem, Made hotel, in New York…

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