I love a good neutral or pretty pastel (before you hate on me, Isla’s room is full of colorful accents). I think there’s something soothing about keeping things simple, whether it’s a toy or a piece of clothing. The number one question I get these days is – how do you keep a sophisticated style in your home with all the baby stuff? The easiest way – when Isla looses interest/grows out of a toy, we replace it and donate the old one; we don’t keep adding to the pile. She puts everything in her mouth, so we avoid plastic and opt for eco-friendly toys whenever possible, and many eco-friendly toys tend to have a softer look. Yes, some of these toys may cost a bit more, but we don’t buy an excessive amount (and have you seen the price tags on Disney toys, that stuff ain’t always cheap either). I do buy colorful toys, bright color is important for learning (duh) colors.

Same thing goes for Isla’s clothing, I keep her wardrobe palette pretty simple. There’s something sweet and innocent about soft white and blush, a pretty pin stripe, or a feminine floral print. With that said, if I had a boy, I would totally dress him straight up 90’s Kurt Cobain, minus the grease. Most days Isla rocks a simple onesie, and occasionally wears shoes if we really want to impress people at the grocery store (there’s nothing better than thunder thighs and a pair of converse). I buy fewer pieces, and invest in clothing that I think will survive the billions of wash cycles, and splurge on a cute outfit or two when the mood strikes. I try to buy pieces that I can mix and match, so we get several outfits out of a few items. Our usual go-to’s are a mix of bloomers, leggings and onesies. But with warm weather around the corner, we’re excited to show off the chubby legs and milk belly. Babies are designed to be naked!

a. unicorn mobile b. ballet pink bandeau bikini c. play teepee d. modern birds wooden puzzle e. le petit voyage crib f. rose pointelle one-piece g. buttercup floral bonnet h. walnut tableware set i. wisp rag doll j. cross back navy dot romper k. natural rubber ducks l. vintage striped linen romper


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