-one last summer peach pie-
I set aside Thursday for house hunting. It seems as though Mother Nature set aside Thursday to mystify Coloradoans with copious amounts of rain. What’s mystifying to me is how we here in Colorado can drive in blowing snow, through mountains, to ski our little hearts out, but rain seems to befuddle us. And by us, I mean them. I’m from the midwest, so I am more than well-versed in driving through monsoons. Like. A. Pro. So after wandering through several homes, and trying unsuccessfully to dodge ginormous rain drops, I organized the remainder of the day’s priorities: pick up pumpkin spice latte, a wine shop stop, then home to finish my latte, start drinking wine, get a fire going in the fireplace and get-to-bakin’. On the dessert menu: whole wheat peach crumble pie! The photos above are to remind me of how good it was. ‘Cause it’s gone. Long gone. I stumbled upon the recipe while perusing a fave blog, Freutcake, then adapted it from the recipe source, The Kitchn. No big changes, just peaches instead of plums, and four cups instead of two. If you have a moment this weekend, turn up the tunes, pour a glass of your favorite vino, and get elbow deep in some flour ’cause this pie is soooo good. Cheers!

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