By far my favorite people to shop for during the holidays are the littles in the family. It’s just the best to see the looks on those little faces! And because Isla doesn’t have time in her day to read the blog, I can tell you her big gift is a (push) car . . . a Porsche. She is going to loose it. This child is obsessed with cars and keys. I cannot wait to see the look on her face when she sees it under the tree. I love that we’re at the point where the holidays and birthdays are fun again! (’cause let’s face it, gathering a bunch of people over 30 around the tree is a bit underwhelming) Second to spit shining her toy cars, she loves reading and playing with her dolls. Isla sneaks away throughout the day and looks through her books for hours – always in a corner. So I decided to create a little reading nook in her room. I bought this hanging canopy and chair; I can hardly wait to set it up for her Christmas morning.

For those extra special littles in life, it’s fun to surprise them with sweet gifts that the parents will love, too. Especially when the kids are still a bit too young to completely understand the concept of the holidays. So I rounded up a few outside the box (store) favorites for kids below – how sweet is that matching bunny/(real) baby gift bundle!


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