This townhouse is stunning, yes? It was built in 2006, and is connected to a carriage house that was built in 1893. Basically the coolest thing ever. Most of us do not have sixteen million dollars to spare, or are in need of a house with 11 bathrooms, but we all are in need of beautiful inspiration. This home is bright, light-filled, contemporary, infused with warm finishes and decor, and is complete with a roof-top terrace and garden. The equation for a seriousĀ gorgeousĀ living space. One of my favorite rooms is the kitchen; I love the contemporary kitchen finishes juxtaposed with the classic red brick by the eating area. And holy windows, I mean . . . tell me all those windows aren’t spectacular! The facade of this townhouse is what New York dreams are made of (also, a good example of how striking simple white walls can be).

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image sourceZillow


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