OH MY GOD WE’RE STARTING FRAMING MONDAY! Remodeling, construction specifically, is not for the faint of heart. People’s idea of work ethic sure does vary! We got past the city issues in November, finally nailed down an excavator in January (they are very hard to get to show up), and La Nina is horrible for the state (less snow), but has provided us a window of opportunity to finish necessary exterior work so we can begin interior work. I am beyond thrilled that the framing of the addition starts Monday – this will give us a better idea of the look of the exterior, and we’ll be able to bust down walls inside the existing house to open everything up to the addition. Once we get through the hurdle of framing, we’ll be on a roll! Weather looks good next week, so all the fingers crossed!

As soon as things start to get juicy, I’m going to post all about it here and on instagram, and really good before and afters when we finish. Unfortunately, the city cutting of the gas, digging a hole, and laying concrete just don’t make for interesting posts. So until then, above are the kitchens that I used to for inspiration in designing our new kitchen. Alllllll of them, and many more, can be found here!

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