Colorful things for kiddos is necessary (in my opinion) especially for leaning (duh) colors. But not everything needs to be neon. And not everything needs to be pink and purple. Above are a few favorite simple things. A couple at the top of my list are the utensils and bib. We own one bib. One. The size is adjustable, easy to wipe clean, and dishwasher safe. Gone are the days of washing a billion cloth bibs. And I wanted to find utensils that mimicked what we use for a couple of reasons. All the plastic spoons and forks (expensive and cheaper) that I tried were gross after time – became stained or got ragged edges from being in the dishwasher or being chewed. And Isla desperately wants to have/use what we are using, so real silverware seemed like the natural thing to get. But where do ya find ’em?? And hello! I’m not spending $24 (or more) on a set. I found some, four bucks a set! I just wanted to avoid being surrounded by neon colored cups, spoons, and forks (my opinion, toys > colorful, utensils > not colorful). Admittedly this is probably easier to accomplish because we don’t use things like snack cups.

It just seemed natural to go with our motto from the get-go – have fun, educational toys, create a happy, serene place to play and sleep, and keep everyday kitchen & home things simple, the way they were before baby. For those wondering (or worried your home will turn into a place reminiscent of daycare center) it is possible not to spend a million dollars and keep – it – simple.

long johns / building blocks / tambourine / bib / etched wooden blocks / utensils



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