Holy time, wasn’t it just Christmas?! Gone are the days when we could just make brunch reservations and call it good, now we actually have to prepare for Easter. Maaaaybe we could get away with it this year (Isla’s two), but then the guilt would inevitably creep in. So like any good mama, I grabbed everything bunnified at Target, threw it in the closet, and assume I will have what I need to pull it all together the night before (I’m really starting to learn to enjoy the night before holidays where it’s just me and my husband, drinks in hand, putting together toys and filling baskets for imaginary characters to take all the credit – if you think too hard about it, it’s weird).

One thing that’s become kind of a tradition, is to do less stuff but cooler stuff. So not a billion eggs filled with sugar, instead a few eggs and a basket filled with books and a couple fun things. I rounded up some of my favorite things for this year’s Easter Basket. Unreasonably excited for the pick flowers, not fights t-shirt. Totally love it, and it’s perfect for spring – it’s also perfect for the current weather, as Denver’s weather is no longer mountain but rather subtropical. And I know you’re wondering, I did make brunch reservations. I need to be rewarded with ridiculous amounts of stacked fruit, weird ingredient omelets, and bottomless mimosas.

organic bunny one piece, fern doll in linen dress, ‘pick flowers, not fights’ t-shirt, organic rabbit pajamas, zoe rabbit doll

hand-tied linen pigtail bows, wooden rabbit roller toy, dried flower crown, rosa floral bonnet



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