In an effort to make sure we were all on the same page from get-go, a few months ago I put together a few concept boards for our general contractor and the sub contractors. I always feel a thousand times better when I start a project with a clear understanding of the bigger picture (I’m what they diagnosed in fifth grade as a “visual learner”). Please, raise your hand if you’re NOT a visual learner. That’s right, Mrs. Britton, EVERYONE IS.

This is a “loose” idea of what’s to come, a lot of it I’ve narrowed down to specific finishes, but you get the gist. It’s a modern take on California boho – not too shiny and white, no too vintage/Woodstocky/grandma chic. It was kind of a tough decision to go all in with gold finishes (hello 80’s brass) but with the house being midcentury modern, I feel like there are a few nods to the era that make some otherwise risky decisions fairly safe. Let me tell you, to push “purchase” for the tile in the entry was scary! I’m always pushing clients to go outside their comfort zone, and it’s hard! Back to brass, I decided on brass transition pieces for the flooring, and it may be one of the things I’m excited about the most. It feels bold, and I like it. I think they’ll look cool tarnished or polished. There’ll be touches of gold all over the house – custom brass hardware in the kitchen, gold faucet, and chandeliers. Not to worry, it won’t look like the house threw up brass. I’m a big fan of mixing metals, so finishes in the bathrooms will be polished chrome, door knobs chrome…it’s all in my head, but I know I legitimately sound like I’m on an acid trip when trying to describe everything.


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