Mar 7, 2014



Every inch of this 2,500 square foot New York apartment home is impeccably put together. My personal design style leans minimalist naturally, but when an eclectic mix of styles is done right, I'm all about it. I could live here and be very happy. It's cozy and inviting with attention to detail, design and pattern for a very livable, comfortable chic space. It's white and light in the right places and colorful in the perfect places (those pink lampshades...). That kitchen is perfection, yes? When I think of NY apartments, this is exactly what I envision. There are before & after photos of this apartment on Apartment Therapy that are a must-see.  

Pretty inspiration to go into the weekend! 

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Kelsey said...

Love love love this space!

xx Kelsey -

emily said...

i agree! those pink lampshades are stunning. thanks for sharing!

Plum Pretty Sugar said...

Gorgeous! We love the pretty paintings and the coziness of this home.


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