Feb 20, 2013


-most asked questions from my glitter guide feature yesterday-
( click 'view entire post' below to see all ) 

( IKEA // desk, chair, shelf & brackets - spray painted metallic gold )

I received over 100 emails yesterday with questions regarding the Glitter Guide feature and styling projects. 
I've posted the most asked questions here. If you're waiting on an email regarding a styling project, you're on my to-do list!

HUGE shout-out to Glitter Guide and the fabulous ladies 
behind this beautiful site for yesterday's awesome opportunity!


Alex said...

absolutely loved your feature - congrats! I was wondering where you found those large white frames that are above your desk? thanks!

Crystalin said...

You and your home are officially the cutest!

Grey + Scout said...

alex - thank you so much! they're from IKEA, too.

crystalin - you're the sweetest ;) thx xx

Yolonda J. Washington // DesignRoundup said...


Shoegal Out In The World said...

Amazing post in glitter guide... Your home & your style so great... I love the house decor so minimal yet so beautiful...

xo, Shoegal Out In The World


Eleanor MayC said...

Thank you for this and your glitter guide post -I am currently decorating my new house and had a grey-with-green colour scheme in mind, so this has provided plenty of inspiration! Love the monochrome zig zag patterned rug.
Eleanor x

Cara @ Chic Meets Healthy said...

love all of it!!! thanks for giving your sources!! Your kitchen has to be my fav.

Ailee said...

oooh I love this post! I was so curious about many of the pieces. Gorgeous house!

PS I simply had to repost pictures here:

lesley8181 said...
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