Oct 26, 2012


––a cold, snowy fall day––

What's one to do for the first snow fall of the season? Stay home and bake of course! I tell you all the time that there are pain in the ass things about working from home (like the workday never ending, or cleaning dog throw up while on a conference call, super sweet when that happened last week) BUT the upside is being able to hunker in on snowy, cold days and stay in my pj's. So, yesterday morning I sent out a few emails, a couple design mock-up's, worked on a collaboration I'm doing with a local accessories store for the holidays (pretty pumped about that!) and when all that was out of the way, it was bakin' time!! I flipped that switch to the fireplace (Gas fireplace, I shed a few tears/presented a soliloquy about how dumb that was before we bought the house. I'm not over it per say, but I am working through it. Tough times.) Then, turned on music and started making an apple pie. I was so happy yesterday you would have had to tell me our local Starbucks quit using almond milk to get me out of my good mood! (for non-dairy, no soy people that news would be devastating). While I was sifting through the kitchen drawer to get measuring cups, I saw all the cookie cutters my mother-in-law has given me over the years (Which as a 25 year old non-baker seemed ridiculous, and I swore I would never use them. Fast forward 6 years, just call me Betty freakin' Crocker). Thanks Mom B.! ;) Anyway, a genius, and I'm sure never been done before, idea popped into my head. I loath rolling out pie crust, so for the top crust, stars it would be! I have to say, this Sweet Paul apple pie recipe is the best. It's simple and tastes like fresh baked apples, instead of apples swimming in an unnecessary amount of gooey sugar.

On the agenda for the weekend, painting my office (Kelley, if you're reading this, I do NOT want to hear about it, yes this is the 4th color in 2 years. It is what it is!), hanging some shelves, carving a couple pumpkins, and getting the front of the house ready for trick-or-treaters! Happy Friday!

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