May 14, 2015


-minimalist leather goods-

Simple colors and timeless designs. I love these leather goods from Cuero & Mor. Instead of buying four different purses for each season, I've become much more interested in investing in one or two pieces that will last through the trends. I've gotten this way about the furniture I buy, too. I'd rather wait and save for a piece that will last than impulse buy cheap crap that just satisfies my needs temporarily. You know what I mean? It took me a while to get this way, you can call me boring, but I know what I like, and cheap ain't it. So the thrill of the buy has gone to the wayside. I'm now into being mature and patient...sorta. Kinda. It's a work in progress. I'm a work in progress. Oh, hell, this post just got deep, Sorry. These purses are fabulous, that's the takeaway! 
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