Nov 25, 2014


-around town-

I'm surrounded by amazing textiles, lighting and furniture on a daily basis . . . and I nearly always never take photos. I am horrible that way. I do the best I can to build my portfolio, and I also do my best to live in the moment and concentrate on the task at hand. One day I'm confident that will all work itself out. Until then, I had a moment to breathe today while I got the hairs trimmed and highlighted. The Parlour at Capital Hill recently opened and this small, cozy, urban location is packed full of amazing lighting (made by an Etsy seller from Brooklyn). Way too cool not to share. So this is me attempting to document and share while out and about Denver. The word on the street is the brunch place opening next door will be delivering small bites to the salon. The salon already offers alcohol, sooo if having fabulous hair (Ashley is awesome) when you leave isn't reason enough . . .

Nov 18, 2014



These patterns are gorgeous. I'm lucky enough to own one of these beauties, and let me tell you they are even more beautiful in person. I love the texture of the fabric Susan uses to hand stamp these stunning patterns. Her collection and the quality is by far on the top of my textile shop favorites. 100% worth the splurge. See the entire new winter collection here.
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