Apr 16, 2014


- i can't have a washer + dryer in my house-

When we bought this lovely little fixer upper, the washer and dryer came with a backstory. The former owners had the w&d in the garage. Let us count the ways why that's a no-go. First, the water hookup for the washer freezes in the winter, sooo I would have to turn the water on and off in-between cycles and pray that it doesn't freeze and blow up. Second, there was no dryer vent. Seriously. WTF. That is crazy dangerous and there was hella dryer lint all over the inside of the garage. And to top it off, there is no entry to the garage from the house. Ya, so that means one would be going in and out of the house in all types of weather to do laundry. Hell to the no. At some point someone must have told the sellers they may want to install a w&d hookup in the house to help sell the house. They chose the kitchen. Besides not being a fan of that location, the space wouldn't accommodate a full-sized washer and dryer. So naturally we called the plumbers and electricians to do their thang, installed storage around the washer and dryer, and presto we have a place for laundry IN the house! This makes me stupid happy. Landscaping, flooring, exterior house paint, fence, so much before & after goodness comin' to the blog!

(also, notice the extra storage for wine, sometimes i think i'm brilliant ;)

Apr 15, 2014


Earthy, eclectic vibe, and the most important element, Alisa wanted to make a bold statement with her favorite color green. This is the mockup for an open-concept area that includes her dining and living areas. I am loving the vintage gold and jewel tones mixed with earthy neutrals. We'll call this one earthy, eclectic, vintage and glam. In my opinion, the best spaces are the ones with a good mix of styles!

Shop the board!
malachite coasters | blossom pendant | mid century dining chairs | karimoku dining table | rati vase
rael wood matchstick holder | wooden tissue box | white + black caribou throw | emerald tufted sofa
betwixt indigo blue pillow | mer rings throw pillow | leather poufs | oracle marble tray | tulah teacups

Apr 4, 2014


Current New Yorker, and illustrator and photographer, Garance Doré, just launched her collection (above) in collaboration with Rifle Paper Company. This stylish tastemaker's work has been published in top mags, all while curating a beautiful blog concentrated on high fashion. Her new collection of illustrated paper goods is a must see for the fashion lover. I've made it my side project these days to collect pretty stationary and cards (the black hole of Paper Source anyone?). I seem to be sending notes all the time, so I find it quite fab to have a stack on hand. This is as fashionably chic and sophisticated as paper gets, my fave, the "to do" notepad. See the entire collection here. Bon weekend!

Apr 3, 2014


For a self-described pink hater, I think I may love it. Well, maybe not looove it, but I am definitely drawn to shades of rose, pale pink and deep pink, the good pinks. You know what I mean. There's pretty pink, and then there's vomit pink. I don't think baby girl and think pink, in fact an overload of pink or blue in a baby's room turns me off. But I do love the idea of small pops of pink in the right places. It's kinda uplifting! There's an undeniable femininity to pink. Like those perfectly pink linen sheets. What's not to love, yes? Then there's the pink and gold combo, which is a whole 'nother level of fantastic. I satisfied my newly found obsession with rose gold today by purchasing a beautiful, delicate pavé necklace from the newly launched Vrai&Oro (a must see, jewelry without the markups, check 'em out here). My name is Liz, and I may kinda, really, totally like pink.

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