Jul 20, 2015


-like really really big, from minted-

Minted just came out with 54x40 inch framed art and it makes me sooooo happy. It was the perfect answer to our dining area. Our living/dining/kitchen is one open space, which I love, but it can make things feel busy (for my liking) if I get too "object happy". This table is where the action happens is in our house - morning coffee, dinners, weekend breakfast, parties, and even though I have a home office, you'll find me working here most of the time. I love watching the rain fall through the floor-to-ceiling windows . . . rain or shine, this spot is my happy place. So I wanted to put something on the wall that kept it feeling peaceful, and also that jived with the rest of the open space. I love a good gallery wall (below are some favorites), but when I saw the large print option I was intrigued/almost peed in my pants from happiness because this was THE answer. A simple piece of art, but H U G E. It makes a statement without being busy. And these days, one-stop shopping is a big plus. Beautiful art and photography + perfect frame choices, equals done and DONE. 

Some favorites:

. . . and this is just a really cool print that I thought would be fun above a bar. That's it.

prints: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | pineapple print | striped candlesticks | brass bar cart | lake print

Jul 17, 2015


-who knew ellen degeneres had a lifestyle shop?-

So, I know that a ton of celebrities have started lifestyle blogs recently, but I had no idea Ellen opened up a shop online. I love her, like I really loooooove her, so I was intrigued to see how she curated her shop. They sell apparel, too, some of which I love (like this vintage cotton crew). I came across some pretties in her homeware collection . . . I'm very much taken with this chic line of high gloss and antique clay bowls and trays. Super perfect for a fresh green summer salad. And I'm a fan of anything that has more than one function, pitcher for fresh lemonade (spiked with vodka, of course) or use as a centerpiece and fill with summer wild flowers. I think I just friggin' planned my next dinner party. Anyway, some of my faves are above! Have a wonderful air conditioned-filled weekend :)

Jul 6, 2015


Ethnic and modern decor, I think it jives well. I think too much modern looks cold, so I like styin' modern spaces with touches of warmth (and whimsy, how adorable are those flamingo picks!) I looove white everything just as much as the next person, but too much lacks interest. Every space needs a little pattern and texture, and if you're not a color lover, it's an awesome way to add a punch-o-style without painting an entire room pink. I came across this wonderfully, and ethically, curated online shop with one-of-a-kind finds. Love finding rare goods that once they're sold out. they're gone. As in not everyone and their mother will have the same West Elm vase (I love West Elm, but you know what I'm saying . . . ) All this beautifulness can be found here, at Accompany.
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