Aug 24, 2015



Peaches are finally in season. They no longer smell good and taste like dirt, they actually, finally taste good. And after our month long tour of the midwest, I was super eager to hit the farmer's market and NOT eat fast food. The pie thing all started because I needed to take over something to our neighbors who looked after our house while we were gone. So I stopped by with homemade peach crumble, wine annnnd decided I really needed to eat some of that pie, and asking for a slice felt socially awkward. So I made mini's on Sunday, packed 'em up and we headed to the park. The crust and crumble topping is good with any fruit, so throw in anything that sounds good! And for those who are baking challenged, this recipe is pretty simple. You can easily sip wine, sorta pay attention to the recipe while pretending that you're not watching reruns of Sex in the City, and still come out with a decent pie.

*recipe adapted from here. i used peaches instead of plums, and used 4 cups instead of two

Aug 8, 2015


I love a pretty rug that can go anywhere. I'm notorious for moving everything we own around the house on a weekly basis. The bedroom pillows go to the living room, the living room artwork moves to the office, and my husbands personal favorite, glassware that becomes a vase. He cannot wrap his head around that one. I have no idea why. If it can hold your beer, it can hold flower water. So the rug above, so pretty, and perfect for living room, dining room, and my personal favorite the nursery. I love the delicate color palette mixed with a modern design. Created by Taylor Sterling, founder of Glitter Guide (if you follow Glitter Guide, you know this pretty color combo screams Taylor). It's sold through Lulu & Georgia and comes in tons of sizes, including a runner...white kitchen + this rug equals perfection. Sometimes you just need a little bit of color to bring a room together!
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